Variable Data Printing

Variable Data Printing also known as Personalised Printing, Data Driven Print, One to One Print, Highly Targeted Printing, Database Marketing, Knowledge Rich Print, Direct Mail Print or Customer Relationship Management.

Market research has shown that personalised printed matter results in an increase in response and recognition of between 20% to 500% depending upon which research survey you read. This is not surprising, in our experience it very much depends on the product or service being promoted and how and what sort of campaign is being run with numerous factors effecting results, such as free offer, time restricted offer, privilege customer discount and telephone follow up etc…

Increase your response rates

At Dpsprint4u we have the knowledge experience technologically advanced facilities to help you personalise your print, with the data supplied from your own customer database or prospect database, or marketing data you have purchased from one of the many data suppliers. Whether it is from a marketing data seller, the local Chamber of Commerce, local council electoral roll data or magazine subscribers data list etc. we can help you maintain and grow your business.

  • Postcard Printing (Creative artwork on the front incorporating a Name into an artwork image & adding & Name Address data on reverse)
  • Letterhead Printing (Name Address, Salutation and image added)
  • Flyer, Leaflets Printing (Personalised and batch printed with different versions)
  • Newsletter Printing (Personalised with name and address for window envelope, personalised offer on any part of the newsletter)
  • Brochure Printing (Personalised instances throughout brochure and batch print different brochure versions for different market sectors)
  • Name Badge Printing (Conference name badge with individual name, positon and company)
  • Membership Card Printing (Name, address, signature strip and lamination)
  • Invitation Printing (Personalised with name address)
  • Prospectus Printing (Personalised in various places throughout)
  • Proposal Printing (Peronalised throughout)
  • Booklet Printing (Personalised cover or any position in the booklet pesonalised)


The variable data printing enables you to create unique instances of data and images within the printed item. The data trigger can be from the data you have in your own database or from data you purchase from one of the many marketing data suppliers.

  • Business Type
  • Vertical Market Sector
  • Age – criteria for a particular product or service
  • Interests
  • Location
  • Lapsed Customers
  • Top 50 Customers or Customers that spend above (XYZ) etc
  • Target customers how spend over a certain amount
  • Number of Employees / Turnover
  • Earnings – Spending Power
  • Product / Service currently Purchased / Owned / Subscribed to


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